Life Coach

Life Coaching

If you have been trying improve an area of your life but feel stuck, then CONGRATULATIONS! You are at the right place. Life coaching is different from counseling. With a life coach, we focus on solutions and actions needed for you to take the next step in enhancing your life or area of desired improvement. 

8 Weeks To Personal Development

In just 8 weeks we will take you to the next level, whether it is in your attitude, health, or career! 

What does the program include?

6 (60 minutes) Live one to one coaching calls with our experts.

Pre and post assessment.

Customized personal development plan

Workbook and worksheets emailed straight to your inbox

2 call are strictly skill building calls! 

It's time to Take Action

Click on the button at the top of this page to schedule your first call! 

“As a mom of 3 boys, believing in myself was hard. Working with Lorena has Helped me not only enroll back into school, complete a semester, but most of all feel confident that I will accomplish my dreams!”

Daniela Figueroa

Our Expert

Founder of BeneVie Consulting PLLC Creator of Be Empowered Program Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science Master Degree in Counseling and Guidance Ph.D. in Counseling Education & Supervision Lorena is bilingual (English/Spanish) and has experience in creating and implementing programs for groups and individuals in vast areas regarding to wellness, experience in academic counseling, behavior therapy, mental health counseling, and overall holistic counseling.
Lorena A. Rosenbuam Ph.D., LPC

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