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First Thing is First....

If you are feeling like any of these statements below,  and are reading this, congratulations! You are on the right path in caring for your health and your fitness journey! Whether you are a beginner or advanced, it doesn’t matter!

You’ve tried all the fad diets and weight- loss promises but you just can’t seem to stay motivated and make it a lifestyle?

Are you tired of giving up and constantly losing motivation?

Have you been feeling insecure but you just don’t know how to change?

About Me and My Story

Hi there, I’m Lorena!

Just like you, I have many roles! I am mom, business woman, employee, daughter, friend, sister, etc…With all these roles and the demands that come with it my health has been quite the roller coaster! 

During doctorate school school, having long commute hours, a full time job and everything else, I gained over 40lbs and went up 4 clothing sizes! and just like some facts stated below, it was due to not setting priorities and lack of preparation! I was a hot mess. 

As a counselor with an exercise science background, I ignored all the red flags and my body took a toll. Not only did I gain those 40 pounds, but also suffered from chronic neck tension, stomach pains,  and daily headaches. After visiting all types of medical specialists, it came down to one thing, STRESS!

During Doctoral School…..

Going Overboard! 

During the first few months I lost 10 lbs but once again I plateaued! Furthermore, finding time to eat healthy, workout, and complete all of my responsibility was overwhelming! Stress did not help and although I would say I was fine, my body was telling me otherwise!  Then I went down 50 lbs! Meaning I was a size 00, there was no happy medium and people began to think I was sick!  I was constantly tired!

Balance at last!

First of all, my goal has never been to be a certain weight. My goal is and has been to feel empowered, strong, and in control of myself and my life! Because of my educational background I decided to begin to implement everything I had studied.  

I learned that it’s more than exercising and eating healthy! It is about building habits and being invested in yourself for yourself which requires major inner work than outer work!   

Reasons We Fail

Living a healthy lifestyle is difficult but we fail because we do not plan, want quick results, lack of time management and set unrealistic goals.


Less than 5% of people that make a goal actually achieve it!Yet, 95% regain their weight within 3 years. 1 in 3 adults are overweight. Being overweight has has been known increase blood pressure.


Implementing workouts and having a healthy nutrition has shown to reduce stress,increase your energy, and improve your overall health.

Featured Programs

The purpose of the fitness programs is to guide individuals wanting to change or enhance their  health. Through these programs individual’s will learn how to set and define fitness goals, identify and recognize external and internal challenges, monitor their progress, learn how to utilize equipment, learn about fitness and health, what it means to have a flexible diet, and ultimately about themselves. At the end of the program individuals have discovered more appropriate and focused directions for their physical fitness, skills to overcome challenges that have previously prevented them from being successful, a new outlook on what “being fit” means, and knowledge on how to set a plan of action to maintain their physical health goals.
Online Coaching is available! Meaning you do not have take time away from your day and we communicate via email, text, and virtual meetings.

8 week fitness plan

The fitness plan is best for beginners and moderate level individuals who currently have healthy eating patterns but have plateaued or are a seeking for a new challenge. 

Cost $200.00

Nutrition Coaching

Every body is unique and requires different amounts of nutrients.  Your macros are based on several factors and must be adjusted depending on your progress. This plan is best for individuals who are already working out. 

Cost $150.00

all in one Coaching

This plan is my favorite! It includes both your macros and a customized routine. This plan allows me to fully coach you to reach your desired goals! 

Cost $250.00



Lilly Trevino, Laredo, TX age 32

"Lorena's approach is so different from what I had tried in the past; she’s a wealth of knowledge and gave me a nutrition education to last a lifetime. She helped lose and keep off 15% body fat in just two short months I also gained 5lbs of lean muscle, my body has never been so lean and toned. She is a compassionate yet firm coach who always kept me striving and inspired to reach my goals."


Joe Rodriguez, Kingsville Tx age 26

"Lorena, I just want to say thank you so much for your patience and coaching. I appreciate the fact that you had the utmost confidence into helping me break through that barrier I could not break. I feel that thank you isn't enough, so my new goal is to continue making you proud of how strong your information helped me drop the weight I want."


Daniela Figueroa, Brownsville,Tx Age 28

"Starting such a different life style is always hard, but having Lorena to coach and guide me made everything so easy and motivating. Not only did she teach me how to workout properly and sharing all her knowledge with one, just to see how all her work pays off in seeing her clients feel beautify and happy, is so heartwarming and hard to find. Lorena is always available to answer any questions and to provide tips.

4-8 Week Client Progress

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