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Do You ever feel disconnected from your Teenager?

Have you been feeling something is not right with your teenager?

Do you feel confused on how to approach your teenager?

Has your teenager had a decrease in their grades?

Do you feel your teenager gets easily frustrated and annoyed?

Does your teenager become easily angered?

Have these changes made you and your teenager become distant or perhaps disconnected?

Do you feel stuck at times on what the best ways to help your teenager are?

Whether your teenager is distant from you, behaving differently, or has had changes in his social or academic life teen therapy can help.

Teenagers Growing Up In The 21st Century

Teenagers experience many changes during their adolescent years. Some of those changes include psychological and emotional. However other changes experienced are biologically programmed. There are several realities that your teenager will not be able to escape such as experiencing a great deal of pressure not only from their home life but from their increased social sensitivity, dawning reality of becoming a young a adult, the pressure that comes with deciding universities and maintaining a good academic record. For  parents of teenagers, the changes and concerns for your teen can be confusing. Not knowing when to set appropriate boundaries or intervene can be exhausting

Having a teenager become easily angered, frustrated, or perhaps anxious is more common than you might think. An average of 25% of teens experience anxiety and 1 in 12 teens experience an anger disorder.   It is virtually impossible to live in our society without experiencing these changes and more so now due to technology, pressure of fitting in, social expectations, and fast paced life. These societal messages can contribute to the development of anxiety, anger, and emotional changes.

Often, an anxiety, anger, or irritations symptom is the root of something else that is happening within your teenager.  Family issues, a tragic event, not making a team, being bullied, or any other emotionally intense experience. It is not common for a teenager to understand what is going on within themselves, the result of these emotions are then expressed in a negatively manner.  Therapy can help your teenage uncover buried emotions and find healthy ways to move through their transition.

You and Your Teenager Can Experience a Healthier Relationship

Counseling can be extremely effective in helping your teenager experience more freedom, joy, and satisfaction in their daily life. Therapy has been proven to help decrease symptoms and increase their quality of life.  I understand how life-consuming and overwhelming parenting can be. I want you to know, there is help available. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who has implemented wellness programs in the Juvenile Detention Centers, public schools, and  worked with hundreds of adolescents.

How Can Therapy Help My Teenager?

In therapy, I will help your teenager gain a sense of self-understanding, enhance their emotional regulation, and increase their confidence. I begin by establishing a strong connection by providing a safe, supporting, and welcoming environment. I assist and guide your teenager through their own personal challenges.

Through deep exploration, together we identify area of concerns and implement appropriate techniques and skills in order reduce any negative symptoms or enhance positive ones.  My goal is for your teen to feel free to share honestly and openly, without any fear of judgment.

During a session, your teenager will begin to develop a new relationship with their thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This can be accomplished through the therapeutic relationship along with the techniques and strategies implemented. Most of the progress results from a strong therapeutic relationship. Therefore, a secure supportive relationship built in therapy will help you develop a healthy relationship with yourself and with others.

You may believe that counseling can help your teenager, but still have concerns or questions…

How Do I know If My Teenager Needs Help?

It can be difficult to know who whether changes in your teenager are a normal part of their development. The National Institute of Mental Health provides a good guideline.  If any of the signs listed below begin to disrupt your teenager’s daily life and last longer than a one to two weeks, you may want to seek professional support.


What Specific Problems Do You Work With?

I think I can manage this on my own without having to spend money on therapy.

No one wants to spend money if they do not have to. You may have already tried many things to help your teenager. Professional counseling treatment and support can give you and your teenager  a new outlook on your situation. This will result in a better understanding of what is happening with your teen both internally and how it influences them externally. Not only that, but investing in your teens emotional health may be the best decision you can make for their long-term well being.

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