Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Learn to live a life free from anxiety!

Do you feel constant worry and feelings of anxiety which are preventing you from enjoying your life?

Have you been feeling “not yourself,” lately?

Do you feel your life is falling apart around you and are helpless to make a change?

Has this loss of control caused you to center your life around worry, tension, fear, pressure, doubt, headaches, or maybe even isolation?

Do you feel stuck at times and maybe not see light at the end of the journey?

Maybe you fear that you will always feel this way and not be able to experience life at its fullest?

Do you wonder what life might be like if you were free from anxiety?

Whether you struggle with anxiety issues, racing thoughts, panic attacks, or other related concerns, anxiety treatment can help.

Many People Experience Anxiety

Feeling an excess amount of anxiety is more common than you might think. An average of 40 million adults in the US experience anxiety.  Both adults and children struggle with anxiety related issues. It is virtually impossible to live in our society without being flooded with messages of high expectations, balancing work and home, how things should be. These messages may come from coworkers, family, friends or the media. These societal messages can contribute to the development of anxiety.

Often, an anxiety symptom is the root of something else that is happening within the individual. You may have recently gone through a loss, a major life transition, or an emotionally intense experience. You may feel unable to express your feelings. Therapy can help you uncover buried emotions and find healthy ways to move through your pain.

You Can Have Control Over Your Life Again

Anxiety treatment can be extremely effective in helping you experience more freedom, joy, creativity and satisfaction in your daily life. Anxiety treatment has been proven help decrease symptoms, however only 36.9% of people who suffer from anxiety seek help.  I understand how life-consuming and exhausting anxiety can be. I want you to know, there is help available. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I have helped people for many years decrease their anxiety and maintain a healthy life. In therapy, I will help you gain a sense of self-understanding by implementing the appropriate treatment.

What Does Anxiety Treatment Look Like?

I provide a safe and welcoming environment for discussing and processing any issues. You will be accepted regardless of sexual, gender, cultural or spiritual orientation. You can feel free to share honestly and openly, without any fear of judgment.

You will be given support, education, and practical strategies. Guiding you through deep exploration will help us find the answers and implement appropriate treatment. My holistic approach can help you develop the ability to become more self-aware in order to understand the core issues that are causing your anxiety related issues. Over time, you can begin to control and prevent your anxiety.  As a result, you can feel more in control of your life and live a life of freedom.

During a session, you will begin to develop a new relationship with your thoughts, emotions and body. This can be accomplished through the therapeutic relationship along with the techniques and strategies implemented. Most of the progress results from a strong therapeutic relationship. Therefore, a secure supportive relationship built in therapy will help you develop a healthy relationship with yourself and with others.

You may believe that anxiety treatment can help you, but still have concerns or questions…

I’m not sure I have anxiety, so maybe I don’t need anxiety treatment.

If you are not feeling like your best self or if you feel your anxiety is not at a high level, it may be preventing you from having a satisfying life. Seeking help before symptoms increase or become chronic is a service you can do for yourself. Wanting to feel better and knowing you can is the next step to truly enjoying your life.

I think I can manage this on my own without having to spend money on therapy.

No one wants to spend money if they do not have to. You may have already tried many things to help you stop feeling anxious, frustrated and/or burnt out. Professional counseling treatment and support can give you a new outlook on your situation. This will result in a better understanding of what is happening internally and how it influences you externally. Not only that, but investing in your emotional health may be the best decision you can make for you long-term wellbeing.

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