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Why Seek Counseling?

If you or your child are feeling frustrated, stuck, stressed, depressed, or anxious due to your many roles that you have to fulfill in your day to day life or an event that has impacted you, I completely understand.  Counseling is beneficial and has been proven to help reduce emotions. In addition to helping reducing the emotions you are able to better manage those feelings. 

As humans we love certainty however, through life events many of us have realized that certainty isn’t always there.  Because life tends to be a bit chaotic and at times difficult, we lose focus and at time meaning. Yet life was meant to be enjoyed. Counseling provides you with a safe and comfortable environment. In addition you are able to gain insight about current or previous struggles. Furthermore, your information is confidential, and you have the ability to express yourself  and get clarity. In addition to being able to express yourself, counseling has been proven to assist in the decrease of symptoms that may preventing you from living a full life. 

Benefits of Counseling

As a result of counseling people may experience  a better understanding of themselves in addition to gaining a better understanding to their problems.  Anxiety, stress, and depression may occur for a variety of reasons.  Furthermore, when we don’t take care of ourselves or if have been impacted by circumstances out of our control we may begin to feel confused, stuck, or maybe lost. Therefore, we help guide and counsel  individuals who are actively seeking to feel better and eager to enhance their life.  Together we create a personalized treatment plan in which we continually monitor.  As a result of close monitoring and personalized treatment plan, we are able to make necessary adjustments. 

Specialty Areas



Stress Management


Social Anxiety



Body Related Concerns



Counseling for Adults and Teens

The goals of counseling are based on each individual therefore they derived by you and your counselor. Individual counseling is a one to one session that usually lasts 60 minutes. Furthermore, we work together to explore and also decrease symptoms related to the presenting areas of concerns. In addition we identify the proper skills needed to help enhance your life.  Therefore, I use the appropriate techniques which are based on each individual client. 

E-Therapy Counseling

In addition to counseling, E-Therapy is offered via the internet.  A unique benefit of e-therapy is that you are able to experience counseling through the comfort of your home. 

As a result of the state laws, E-therapy is only available for residents who reside in the state of Texas. 

Set Your Appointment Here

Most of all, setting an appointment has never been easier! Therefore, you simply click on the button below and schedule your appointment. Once you have scheduled your appointment you will be taken to complete necessary paperwork.  Due to making appointment available for clients, please note we have 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need a different time that is not available on the calendar, please email or call us and we are happy to work with you. 

Anxiety symptoms

The following symptoms include but are not limited to anxiety. 

Depression Symptoms

The following symptoms include but are not limited to depression. 

Stress symptoms

The following symptoms include but are not limited to stress.

Forms Of Payment Accepted


Your co-pay is dependent upon your insurance provider.


Blue Cross Blue Shield


Other Forms of Payment


Credit/Debit Card




increase confidence

How To Build My Confidence

Are you struggling with confidence due to a recent or past failure? Or maybe because you are fearful to try something new, the fear has prevented you to attempt this new thing. While we all suffer from insecurities at times, we do not have to allow those insecurities to limit us. Click below to sign up for the 3 part mini course on "How to Build the Confidence that You Need to Break Out Of Your Shell".


How Stressed Am I?

Have you ever wondered how stressed you were? Stress is part of life, however the way we deal with stress is what makes all the difference. Therefore I have created a quiz that will allow you to get an idea of your stress level. Click below and take the quiz.


Explore My Stress Workbook

Do you know what stresses you the most? How you cope with stress? In the is 28 page workbook, you will identify your main stressors.


Lorena is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has had experience working with adults and children dealing with depression, anxiety, stress management, and much more.
Counselor Lorena A. Rosenbaum
Lorena A. Rosenbaum, Ph.D., LPC

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