“If life was meant to be easy, we wouldn’t be able to fully embrace all the emotions that one experiences. Knowing you can feel better, do better, and improve the quality of your body, mind, and soul and not doing so will only impact you.”




Services Available in Kingsville and Surrounding Areas

In order to fully feel balanced in our life, we must be have our inner and outer self aligned. This requires not only our mind but our body to be its best self, meaning healthy and energized.   Our goal is to guide you into flourishing. As humans we are constantly changing and evolving but many times we are unable to transition into the next phase of life as easily as we hoped to. 

Counseling and Consulting

Individual, couples, and family therapy, in addition, E-therapy (virtual). As experts in the field of counseling and wellness, we assist in providing professional development and assessment to companies and organizations. 

Life Coach

As result of challenges that come our way, we may lose focus on our goals. The purpose of life coaching is to enhance your potential in areas that will help increase your overall performance and well being. Some of these areas include enhancing your performance at work, being more efficient with your time, or having difficulty balancing your work and life.

Fitness and Nutrition

Weight loss management through lifestyle modification, exercise enhancement, and nutritional coaching. 

Lorena A. Rosenbaum, Ph.D., LPC

Dr. Rosenbaum, provides expert evaluation, therapy, consultation and coaching to explore presenting concerns and creates an individualized plan implementing appropriate treatment. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who focuses on supporting and enhancing the well-being of her clients.

Services are available in the English and Spanish language. 


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